What we do…

Utilizing a whole life approach, the programs and services consider the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral-based factors that influence society. To that end, we invest in the youth by providing additional support and engage with school personnel on behalf of each child.

The work of the center is seen in measurable benefits to the youth. Our programs create stability for families and lessen the burden for social services, because we fill in the gaps and advocate for the well-being of them.

We see a direct link in families success when they connect with our programs and services.

Our value driven programs and hands-on approach increase personal safety, and build the positive attributes of community while working to help lessen negative engagement.

GWCCF youth and their families are provided with agency to make quality life decisions with support as they grow.

Signature Programming

Our programming evolves around the year to fit the needs of the youth currently.

at the center This year we have:

The Greenmount West Power Press : an intergenerational community screen-printing social enterprise.

Youth Theater at the Lyric Opera House : Provides theater training and creative writing

Open Works : Weekly youth sewing class taught by Sharmane Herron, a tailor, textile technician, and after-school teacher from Open Works.

Photography: Taught by Jonathan Chamberlain.

Workout Wednesdays: Weekly movement and fitness class taught by Akilah McCrorey.

Creative Writing : Creative writing sessions for youth focusing on poetry, journaling, and self-expression. Will culminate in published work from GWCC youth. Taught by Angel Wilson.


Family Support

We support parents, families and caregivers by filling in the gaps and stepping in when they are unable to.

Safe Space

The GWCCF is a safe gathering place for the youth and their families. They “own” the space by virtue of higher commitment and an increasing desire to do better in school, at home, and in the community.

High Quality After School & Full Day Summer Programming

Children develop an understanding of the importance of developing intrinsic rewards found in high standards, accountability and honoring themselves and others.

Highly Trained Staff

Our leaders, teachers, and staff have the tools needed to inspire, motivate and celebrate the accomplishments of our youth.


Small Group Instruction

One on one instruction is central to our work.

We limit the number of youth to 35-40 in the program at any given time.